Our First Term as Fashion Master’s Degree Students at Condé Nast College

Masters students outside Condé Nast College

Following her first term studying MA Fashion Journalism & Editorial Direction, Nadège Mustafa reflects on highlights from her first term. Studying a fashion Master’s degree in London at Condé Nast College, she provides a glimpse into her postgraduate journey. She also hears from her classmates studying courses related to the fashion, media, and luxury lifestyle industries too…


Industry Speakers

Students at Condé Nast College will hear from and converse with industry experts weekly. For example, Nellie Eden, Creative Director, consultant and alumna, was a speaker who utterly captivated me and many others. She told us of her astounding career forged from talent and tenacity. Richard Habberly, Supermodel agent, author and founder of Perspective Management, was another spectacular speaker. He even scouted a student or two after his commanding speech. The access to this inspirational industry gold dust does not end here, though. The lecturers are also seasoned fashion insiders, many of whom helped mould the industry and visual culture.  


Nellie Eden, one of our fashion master's degree students at Vogue Education Presents at Condé Nast College
Nellie Eden talking with Condé Nast College students


Carson Tyll, studying MA Fashion Styling, comments on the industry speakers. She states “The fact that we are being taught by people in the industry just makes it all the more fun and almost surreal. You feel like you have been thrown into the heart of the fashion world. It honestly makes it exciting to come in every morning! You never know what’s going to happen or who you will meet. ” 


A Place For Like-Minded Students on Fashion Master’s Degrees

Condé Nast College is a space where you take part in artistic exchanges. Exchanges with those who not only share your love for the industry but also the desire to trail-blaze. Once you enter the halls of this institution, you are made to feel part of it. But it is now a part of you too. It’s where you meet peers studying both Master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in related subjects. A network which you will most likely work with in the future, undoubtedly making an impact together.  


Students on fashion Master's degrees London at Condé Nast College


A great way to break the ice and start network-building was through the networking event. This was held in the first week of the course. Indeed, Kakei Hong, MA Luxury Brand Strategy & Business, felt that this opportunity was extremely beneficial. She says “connecting with peers and industry intellectuals was not only fun, but something which sparked inspiration and conversation. It gets rid of that awkwardness!” 


“Being able to collaborate with like minded individuals and learning something new each week from industry experts has by far been my favourite aspect so far.” Hansa Batra, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice


London Location for Master’s Degrees

Additionally, Condé Nast College shares Bedford Square, in the heart of central London, with other esteemed establishments. Neighbours include the Architectural Association and Birkbeck College. Equally, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) is a stone’s throw away. And Sotheby’s Institute of Art remarkably shares the campus with the College. As such, this convergence of legendary creative institutions fosters a rich tapestry of shared spaces, facilitating the blending of minds. Moreover, it opens the door to extraordinary possibilities.


Condé Nast College Masters students outside the college on Bedford Square


“I love that there are so many different courses, and we share the building with Sotheby’s. Whenever I walk into the café I always see a new face.” says Sarah Butler, MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media


Transformative Learning in Action

As a Condé Nast College student, classes captivate but also demand a strong creative approach. The experience is designed to leave you consistently fulfilled, equipped with newfound skills. Skills that are ready to be seamlessly integrated into professional toolkits, and enhancing capabilities for the workplace.


Ameya Menon also reflects on the first term. The MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media, student states, “The collaborative work allowed all members of a group to access their inner power-house. It was an experience where you can truly grow.”


India Goodman, MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries, echoes this sentiment; “being provided the opportunity to stretch your mind, exceeding the expectations you place on yourself without realising was actually really satisfying”.


Sarah Butler, MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media, also added her thoughts. “being able to bring my own individual creative spark to group settings, elevating in my own way, is something I love to do, and I really got the chance to do that.”


Peer Collaboration

Collaborating with peers studying fashion master’s degrees is extremely important, and can even provide additional experiences and opportunities. Indeed, a few students, myself included, were given the opportunity to assist backstage at a private Dolce & Gabbana event. This was all made possible by Charlotte Bendkowski, a fellow Fashion Journalism student. This included the exciting tasks of casting, fitting and showcasing.


As such, the opportunity allowed me and my peers to witness the thrilling chaos of the backstage world of fashion. We also gained some tangible, priceless, hands-on experience. Carson Tyll, who also assisted at the event, found the experience exciting too. “Opportunities like the D&G event allowed me to truly exist within my element—I will always remember this.” I echo this sentiment completely. Experiences such as the D&G event have helped mould me and throw me into the fashion world. They enable me to get my foot in the door. They create the moments that make you realise you are beginning the journey you once envisioned.  


Backstage at Dolce & Gabbana
MA student Carson Tyll, backstage at Dolce & Gabbana


Importantly, the space that the College creates allows for lifelong career dreams to be realised. It’s what CNC is all about; making your greatest aspirations, which sometimes seem impossible, a very tangible reality.


Words by Nadège Mustafa, MA Fashion Journalism and Editorial Direction student.

Photographs provided by featured students:

Nadège Mustafa, MA Fashion Journalism and Editorial Direction

Carson Tyll, MA Fashion Styling

India Goodman, MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries


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