My First Fashion Show: PRONOUNCE AW23 Review

Pronounce AW23

MA Fashion Journalism & Editorial Direction student, Ana Luisa Andrade Rodrigues takes us through her first hand experience of the PRONOUNCE AW23 show during London Fashion Week. 


The excitement to be in a London Fashion Week show is indescribable. I had the opportunity to attend the PRONOUNCE Autumn Winter 2023 Show, and it was unforgettable – and the experience went further than just the show. 


The Place 


At first, when arriving at Regent Square, where the show took place, the brand had already set the scene to match the vibe of the show to come. The edgy, deconstructed, minimalistic style was the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable show. The venue almost pinged as a strange place for a fashion show – going against the usual backdrops to set the show aside from the rest. 




Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, the brand’s designers, were inspired by old Chinese communication methods for this collection. Behind the creation, they wanted to merge their two cultures, British and Chinese, with clothes that will resonate with both countries’ audiences. Their idea was to bring their culture to light in London and break stereotypes with the garments. 


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Both designers are from Shanghai, China, and the brand is based there and in Milan, Italy. They graduated from London colleges, Jun Zhou from Instituto Marangoni, and Yushan Li from Central Saint Martins. The duo came back to their roots to showcase this brilliant collection. PRONOUNCE made history as the first Chinese brand to be invited to show at Pitti Uomo back in 2019. 

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The Collection in Detail


Every ensemble created a casual but chic tone. Accessories played a part with croc silhouetted footwear embellished with intricate patterns on the toe caps. 


Exposed stitching gave a raw edge to defined tailored pieces, helping the movement of the fabric to create a sculpted look.


Teamed with this element, layers were the key factor as well as a nostalgic nod to the 90s with baggy jeans and trousers sloping down the runway.  


PRONOUNCE’s collection fitted with the practicality theme from this season’s shows – with the twist being a hint of Chinese design accents on collars and tailoring. This sat nicely atop of sumptuous winter pieces that could find a firm home in any wardrobe for the season to come. 


What was most interesting is that every piece was androgynous and genderless. The designers transmitted a message to break gender stereotypes by using unisex pieces – referencing perhaps a more sustainable and universal take on fashion. 


The colour palette was muted and earthy, again bringing an element of sustainability to the collection, with most of the pieces working as full ensembles or as items that could work their way into any capsule wardrobe.


The Atmosphere  


What I learned from attending this show is that there is more to the runway show than just the garments, it is the ambiance that will bring the show to life. The music undulating gives energy to the clothes and helps to perceive the collection through a certain lens. Just as important is the venue and how this can compliment the clothes. The setting was kept clean and minimal at this show handing over the attention to the collection. 


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Key Takeaways 


The overall experience was a fever dream. There was a lot to take in, but when you are already there seeing everything there is an indescribable feeling of excitement and glamour. 

PRONOUNCE is trying to break barriers and stereotypes, and the collection transmits its brand values successfully. It served its purpose and intrigued the audience with breathtaking designs that communicated with the viewer. 

By Ana Luisa Andrade Rodrigues, MA Fashion Journalism & Editorial Direction student