CNC Hive Launches To Maintain Student Engagement Whilst Studying From Home

CNC Hive Launches To Maintain Student Engagement Whilst Studying From Home

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Higher education facilities across the globe have been thrown into uncertain terrain during the Covid-19 Pandemic, meaning that it has never been more important to keep students engaged during these times of social distancing and isolation. How Condé Nast College is paving the way to keeping students engaged during lockdown and in between virtual lectures. 


Keeping Student Engagement High During Lockdown


The unfamiliar territory that Higher Education facilities have been catapulted into due to the pandemic have put some universities and colleges under strain with large scores of students feeling further isolated and distanced from their usual learning activities. With this in mind the Condé Nast College has heightened the use of existing Virtual Learning Environments, of which the students are already familiar with, as well as introducing some further measures to uphold the boutique learning environment that makes our college unique.


A Guide on Studying From Home


Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design has launched CNC Hive – a platform to keep students engaged and uphold a sense of community. CNC Hive presents a wealth of resources from academic to escapist to help students keep inspiration and creativity coursing through the veins of the College.The platform presents a selection of documentaries, films with stunning art direction, thought-provoking podcasts, health & wellness content, and invaluable educational online resources alongside entertainment, all cherry-picked by our academics and staff at the College.

The CNC Hive is also open to students to suggest content on a weekly basis with a view to keeping our college conversation buzzing.


Virtual Social Events


Alongside the Hive, the College has instigated weekly online social events for their students using the now popular Zoom software, allowing staff and students to get together and share anecdotes and catch up as they usually would during and around class time.

At the College we believe in keeping a close knit community, and despite our vast international student base with many having returned to their home countries, we will continue to uphold a united student body fully utilising technology to its greatest potential, and using this time wisely to grow how we approach online education.


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