Made By You – Converse

Made By You - Converse

Converse celebrates All Stars with their new ‘Made By You’ campaign.

Converse has launched their global ‘Made By You’ campaign to celebrate those who have been expressing their individuality and creativity in Chuck Taylor’s All Stars over almost 100 years.

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Their latest campaign was brought to life in London earlier this month to celebrate all who have lived in their Chuck Taylor All Stars for a very long time.

I visited the gallery space on London’s Shoreditch High Street, where the Converse installation featured 2000 All Stars polaroid photos, each showcasing an idiosyncratic portrait of their owner. Beautiful snapshots of the unmistakably unique worlds they inhabit. It was brilliant and felt real, and perfectly reflected the personal connections we all – somehow –have with our Converse sneakers.

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‘Made By You’ is a multi-channel global campaign,honouring those individuals wearing and essentially authenticating the Converse brand. The power of the campaign lies in the fact that it inverts a number of branding conventions. Rather than highlighting the product, Converse embraced the people wearing their products. “The people who see the world through the lens of their sneakers,” Geoff Cottril – Converse’s Chief Marketing Officer – said.

Each pair of blank canvas All Stars is ready to tell a unique story. Immediately after purchasing a pair, one becomes a true artist. This is something I first really realised while visiting the exhibition; it uncovers and praises the individuality of some of the city’s most diverse characters.

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“Fans of Chuck Taylor are the ones who have made Chuck Taylor an iconic badge of creative self expression and it is about time to celebrate them,” said Ian Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing. It is this what makes Converse such a unique and interesting brand: their products are defined by the people who wear them, not the brand itself.