Do Good As You Shop – Kindred visit the Condé Nast College

Do Good As You Shop – Kindred visit the Condé Nast College

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David Zarzecki, Executive Director, and Harriet Asher, Senior Vice President Global Advocate Partnerships of Kindred visit the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design to share more about the app that’s helping us do good with every purchase.

Kindred App
Checking out the Kindred App


Kindred visit the Condé Nast College London


This week’s industry guests came in the form of David Zarzecki and Harriet Asher of Kindred.co, the salient new platform on the rise in the e-commerce market, which aims to be the largest corporate donor in the world. Their method of achieving this ambition is by facilitating monetary exchanges between consumers and certified charities on their platform. 

Everyone is an Advocate


Kindred aims to utilize the connectivity of social media for good, by encouraging people to share what they love on their app. The underlying philosophy is to create a positive change within the global community, which starts by taking the concept of the influencer and giving it more positive connotation: advocate.


It’s proven to be a lucrative approach to the consumerist model on social media, because of how appealing and applicable it is to everybody and anybody. The thought process behind calling influencers advocates harkens to the idea that you too can make a difference – no matter how small or large your following is.

Kindred is driven by values  


The time has never been more right for a platform like Kindred to emerge, since the growing market of consumers are looking for products that align with their personal values. Kindred is designed to cater to the person looking to make purposeful purchases, by connecting them with charities while they shop and save.


The developers have also implemented an earn-back element onto the platform for users, which creates the opportunity to see a monetary return when someone buys a product on your referral – making Kindred one of the most interesting companies to watch going into 2020 and beyond. 


By Megan McClelland, MA Fashion Media Practice

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