5 Tips on How to go Through Clearing

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Our Admissions Manager, James McCarthy, shares his 5 top tips on how to go through Clearing when applying to colleges and universities. 


Don’t Panic and be Proactive


Sometimes your exam results aren’t quite what you thought they’d be, the number one rule is – don’t panic. You won’t be alone, and many university places are found through Clearing.


Talk about it with people who can help and look into all your options – a university place may still be out there that fits you perfectly. Be proactive and pick up the phone to discuss your options with universities that you think might be a good fit for you. Rather than a parent or carer, it looks much better if you make the call instead to show you have a genuine interest. 


Larger universities generally have special Clearing hotlines during this time of year, and our admissions team here at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design can be contacted for dedicated staff who can talk through your options on 020 7152 3365.


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Be Flexible 


If you’ve been rejected from your Firm and Insurance choice universities, look for Clearing offers from other types of universities, such as smaller or specialised institutes. As a small, boutique College, we are able to turn an application around extremely quickly.


Maybe consider a whole new path and start to look at different subject choices. Our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication degree course introduces students to so many facets of the fashion, media, and luxury lifestyle industries that could help you identify a whole new career path and open doors you’d never dreamed of!


If you’re unable to secure a direct place on a degree programme, then consider HNDs (Higher National Diploma) or foundation courses – such as our Vogue Foundation Programme – to take that first step towards your higher education.


Consider Your Options Carefully


Before making any quick decisions straight away, pause, and consider any Clearing offers you’ve received. There’s a good chance you’ll find a place through Clearing (or more than one), but don’t just take the first offer you get without thinking about it very carefully.


Only you can decide if a course is truly right for you and your career goals and ambitions. Consider where each course could take you; what will each course help you achieve? How can the institution help you get there? Think about how the course will enhance your future career prospects or postgraduate study options. You can take a look at our Alumni to see the great things they have gone on to do in their careers with the support of the Condé Nast College.


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Location, Location, Location


Whether you are looking for the tranquillity of a campus in the countryside or the bright lights of a city university, your choice will be your home for the next 3 years – or the next 2 years if you are considering our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication!


Also, think about career opportunities and links with industries in certain areas of the UK. There are amazing work opportunities out there for students, so put yourself in areas where your career will benefit the most. Being in Central London, the global fashion industry is on our doorstep, and the networking opportunities and industry links we provide mean it is an ideal place to consider for anyone wanting a career in fashion, media, or luxury lifestyle.


Applying through Clearing doesn’t make these decisions any less important, you just have to think about them much more quickly!


Be Proud of Your Achievement


Getting a university place through the Clearing process is no less of a place, it’s still a reflection of your hard work, your achievements, and your drive to actively follow your career goals and aspirations. People use Clearing for all sorts of reasons, so don’t let it define your journey into higher education. 


Don’t apologise, be proud of the place you’ve achieved and the great things you’ll go on to do.


Why not contact us on 020 7152 3365 or at admissions@condenastcollege.ac.uk to talk about your options and what we can offer at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design?


by James McCarthy

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