Glamour Lockdown Live Proves Festival Season is not on Hiatus 

Glamour Lockdown Live Proves Festival Season is not on Hiatus 

Glamour Lockdown Live

Friday festivities and the start of a glorious bank holiday weekend were brought to us courtesy of Glamour Lockdown Live. An initiative to not only entertain, but raise vital funds for three UK based charities The Felix Project, Place 2 Be and Women’s Aid.  BA (Hons) Fashion Communication student, Alice Morey reflects on a day when the festival went virtual.


Glamour Lockdown Live 


Festival season may be put on hold for a year, but Glamour were on hand to bring us all some isolation inspiration. Full of laughs, singing, power panels and even a little bit of the sweat we are missing and have come to love with any festival season. But this time a far cry from the mudded fields of Glastonbury. Camping in close proximity to a few hundred people swathed in a cacophony of colours and glitter was replaced by a leisurely 10am start from the comfort of our homes with an optimistic look towards the future of what to come next.


Alice Starting The Day Of With Jade Jones Workout


The brain child of Glamour’s Celebrity & Entertainment Director Josh Smith and Publicist Holly Hope Harper over a phone call on a trip to co-op there was a three week timeline to pull the event together.  Holly writes in an article for Glamour “I wanted to organise something that offered joy and a sense of community, while acknowledging that this virus is not, as described in the early days, a ‘great leveller’ – the inequalities so prevalent in our society have never been more obvious than now”. Glamour Lockdown Live was born. 


Let’s Get Physical


Kick off started with Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones taking us through a Hiit class of 20 seconds on and 30 seconds off. A 30 minute sweat-a-thon which took inspiration from Jade’s own Judo career got those endorphins rushing.  This was followed up by a Q&A that highlighted the importance of fitness in giving you a focus during uncertain times, something Jade has used to help with the postponing of the 2020 Olympic games. 


How to Hustle in Lockdown


Next the hustle was on with Sabrina Elba co-founder of ‘coupledom’ S’able Labs, personal trainer Ciara London, Maria Hatzistefanis A.K.A Mrs Rodial, founder of Rodia beauty, Nicola Elliott founder of Neom and TTYA founder and podcast host Irene Agbontaen, in conversation with Glamour Editor-in-Chief Deborah Joseph discussing all things business and overcoming adversity. During their careers each woman had their own individual cross-road and pinnacle point to overcome in order to flourish. Whether you stick with what you know and have the certainty and comfort, a point came when each plucked up the courage to try something new and become their own boss. Key to this shift is the importance of following your passion and using your own individual experiences to fuel your next step. 


Lockdown for everyone has been a transformative time and an opportunity  for business evolution. Ciara London, previously operating in 100% physical personal training  sessions has moved to an online series which now employs 15 others. Irene Agbontaen took the opportunity to focus on her podcast series, which launched just before lockdown, to create 7 podcasts exploring and providing a platform for discussion and spreading a message of cultural diversity and empowerment. 


The final take-away from what I now call, the ultimate power-panel, is an acceptance that rejection and perceived failures are all part of the journey. You learn and part of the road to success and what gives the motivation to propel yourself forward is failure. But remember to be authentic, be you and this will take you far.

The halfway point



Lunchtime was calling and Gizzi Erskine was on hand to satisfy those carb cravings, Amatriciana style. The morning session was rounded off by one of the two cover stars for Glamour’s latest together issue, Jessie Ware –  singer-songwriter and now co-host of podcast ‘Table Manners’ with her Mum. During the live chat, Josh and Jessie spoke about her new album,  ‘What’s your pleasure?’, as she makes a return to her dance music roots in a move away from the melancholy love ballads she has become synonymous for. 


Quiz Time!


Our music knowledge was put to the test by the Receipt Podcast girls. Audrey’s Dance Challenge got its very on charades/dance remix and got viewers guessing which famous dance routine was being shown with ‘whip nae nae’, ‘thriller’ and ‘Single Ladies’ all getting a shout out.  Next, Tolly was up with ‘who did it next’? A game guessing the famous cover of an original – who knew that Drake was not in fact the first to sing Hotline Bling? Quizzing was brought to a close by Milena’s Challenge of guessing the iconic duo collaborating in some of the best musical examples of teamwork. 


Sister, Sister


It was time for a glow-up and Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood and Make-up Artist sister, Emily Wood were on hand to satisy our glitter withdrawals. In a live beauty tutorial that embodied a Studio 54 silver eye, dewy skin and the best part of any getting ready to go out, a good chat. There is no bond quite like sisters and this is true for the Wood sisters who have been able to work alongside each other as both their careers took off. A source of comfort for Aimee Lou on shoots is the presence of Emily when stepping into the world of editorial shoots. Used to playing a character and not being ‘herself’ in front of the camera, Aimee Lou felt at ease knowing her sister was there to have her back. Much like lockdown, family and connection have been a key way to get through this time and support one another. 


Anything Could Happen


Sat in her home studio, which has become a hotspot for creativity in a time of lockdown, Ellie Goulding serenaded a Zoom crowd of 3,000 with new single Power, Burn and Your Song. As the second face and cover star of the “together” issue of Glamour, Ellie sat down with Josh Smith to talk more about the single and how Ellie has got through lockdown. The inspiration behind the hotly anticipated fourth album has a focus on celebrating independence, with elements of a feminist undertone but promoting a powerful sense of self-belief and an inner-strength outside of a relationship. Something which has taken on a different dimension with social media adding a narcissistic gaze onto a relationship.


Like many, Ellie has found solace in baking during this time, with the isolation special of banana bread firmly being ticked off the list. But what are the meaningful takeaways you can take from lockdown? For Ellie this time is a renewal in a sense of togetherness, a re-evaluation of how we operate as humans and actually how we can make and adapt lockdown to be a positive experience. 


All good things must come to an end


The evening was rounded off with a live DJ set from Franky Wah and Ministry of Sound. A time of transportation and a moment of release from the confines of the kitchen. 


A day of beauty, self-care, inspiration and honest conversation. Glamour Lockdown Live 2020 was an example of virtual escapism. A reminder that community still exists and we have so much to look forward to. 


By Alice Morey

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