Dr Vali on cosmetic dermatology, making the clinical luxury

Dr Vali on cosmetic dermatology, making the clinical luxury

Dr Vali dermatology luxury

Condé Nast College welcomed Dr. Shawana Vali, CEO and Founder of LMS Wellness to speak to the student body about her career in luxury cosmetic dermatology and the importance of developing a sense of self. Digital Content Creation Course Online student, Abigail Bradbury reports … 


This month we were honoured to have cosmetic dermatologist and founder of LMS Wellness Dr Shawana Vali who speaks candidly and openly about her life and career. From the creation of her club-like beauty experience to the creation of an adaptive skincare range.  


About Dr Vali


Dr Vali studied at the prestigious Kings College London and later UCLA Los Angeles. After her studies she worked for the NHS for a number of years until finally taking the step of creating her own business. Dr Vali was determined to create LMS Wellness with a point of difference. This would not be a wellness company whose doors were open to anyone. This would be a luxury, invitation-only cosmetic wellness spa that had the same exciting feeling as when you step into Louis Vuitton to buy a new handbag. 


Dr Vali


Dr Vali explained how her vision turned into reality through hard work, determination and always giving everything “150 per cent”. A state of mind we should all adopt, advising how we can “always change the script”. High energy makes things happen when you least expect it and by putting too much pressure on yourself things will not naturally fall into place. It is important to learn from others and adopt a multi-disciplinary mindset. Dr. Vali learnt from the experience of service on offer from luxury brands and extended luxury brand training to all of her LMS Wellness medical staff. This allows medical experts to deliver a luxury service reminiscent of a personal shopping experience with medical expertise and less like a sterile, clinical medical setting currently the norm in cosmetic dermatology.  


VIP Beauty


If you are lucky enough to receive an exclusive invitation to LMS Wellness, you should expect to see bright lights, a friendly environment and ‘Drake’ playing on the speakers upon arrival. You should also be expected to be called a ‘Superstar’ because that’s what every LMS wellness customer is.


“I wanted it to feel like a nightclub.”


“Too many places already had that clinical, uninviting doctor surgery feeling”. The wellness Spa is full of health enhancing systems with its very own IV bar, hydration area featuring legal highs and herbal teas and an oxygen chamber.



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A human centered approach to beauty


So how does a consultation with Dr Vali work? What should you expect? 


Dr Vali will ask you a number of questions on how you are feeling, your mood, concentration, energy levels and sleeping habits. It is important to determine why you are feeling the way you are on the outside, but also how you are on the inside. You may look like a superstar but if you are a ‘hot mess’ on the inside, nothing is going to work for you. Once your consultation is complete, you will have your own personalised programme tailored uniquely to your own body and needs. Vali explained how each person is different, whether that be their ethnicity, lifestyle or hormones. You cannot give everyone the same plan, because it will not benefit them individually.



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The effect of edited imagery on beauty ideals


Dr Vali also touched on how the misrepresentation of beauty ideals on the internet has affected consumer wishes. Dr Vali explains how teens and young adults are being influenced by the highly edited photographs they see along with unnatural filters on social media. She explained how cosmetic procedures should be done in a way that enhances your natural features and not make you look like a clone. One treatment which is one of the most popular at the spa is ‘Makeup free skin’. This treatment gives you flawless looking skin with micro contouring techniques.


Dr Vali’s lecture truly inspired me, not only because she can clearly rock a pair of Bottega boots, but because she gave a true explanation of her career and not only the successes, but learning curves. Dr Vali is extremely professional, knowledgeable and a true master at her trade. Maintaining integrity and staying true to herself has been Dr Vali’s MO throughout her career. I hope that one day I am as successful as her, I even hope to get lucky and have my very own invitation to LMS Wellness. 


Key Takeaways


  • Always be authentic and true yourself and this goes for your beauty procedures as well.
  • The importance of always doing your best.
  • Create your own USP and stand out from your competitors.
  • Learn from the experiences of others.

By Abigail Bradbury, Digital Content Creation Course Online


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