Creative Polymath Caroline Issa at the Condé Nast College

“Mobile will be the saviour of print in my opinion,” declared Tank magazine’s Fashion DirectorCaroline Issa on her visit to the Condé Nast College today. Her reason? A clever own-designed app called Fashion Scan that brings the printed magazine to life in the mobile-user’s hand. “Our research shows that people hold onto the print edition of a magazine for six times longer when it’s scannable. The app means that the reader can dig way deeper into a publication than simply the printed page.” Issa, who hails from a management consultancy background, is remarkable for being not only a stylist but also a consultant to a number of different fashion brands and now a fully fledged fashion designer in her own right with her first eponymous range about to hit Nordstrom stores across America. Evangelical though she may be about the potentially revolutionary Fashion Scan app she is also one of life’s great pragmatists – “at the end of the day you have to sell stuff,” was her parting shot to a rapt audience of students – a simple but honest business adage.

Caroline Issa 2

Written by Susie Forbes