Creative corners of London from the eyes of an MA Condé Nast College student

Creative corners of London from the eyes of an MA Condé Nast College student

Ma Fashion Communication

Having recently started on the MA Fashion Communication programme, student, Alessandra D’Atanasio explores some of London’s most creatively stimulating corners whilst finding her feet in the Capital. 

Life in London can be…hectic, to say the least. Days seem to go by vertiginously fast, giving you the impression they only last a handful of seconds. Throw a busy schedule in the mix, and getting a chance to visit London can be nearly impossible. 

The city trip organized by Condé Nast College turned out to be my opportunity to finally get a taste of London’s timeless beauty. As I wandered around the capital of England with some of my classmates, I soon found out that there’s not a single corner which should be excluded, and that with the right company and a hot, sweet Chai Tea Latte in hand, you can make the most of your handful of seconds. 

Here’s some of the places that I visited and that left me stunned: 


Manolo Blahnik

The Wallace Collection

If you’re obsessed with shoes, you don’t want to miss this exhibit. The Wallace Collection offers its visitors an exquisite selection of Manolo Blahnìk’s wearable masterpieces, all of them inspired by the paintings displayed in the treasure house. Fashion and art merge into each other to give life to a refined aesthetic experience. To crown it all, every room is color themed. Can you think of anything more gratifying than that? 

National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery

Drawings, prints, photographs, you name it! The National Portrait Gallery has its walls adorned with faces. The variety of subjects and the different artistic expedients adopted by the artists, evoke London atmosphere of heterogeneity. This body of work leaves room for everyone: men, women, celebrities, locals, strangers, in a vibrant celebration of humanity. 

Sade National Portrait Gallery

Trafalgar Square

Once we left the National Portrait Gallery, we reached Trafalgar Square. Tourist attraction par excellence, this place will easily take your breath away. Nelson’s Column dominates the centre of the square, encompassed by fountains, statues and visitors with their noses thrown up in the air, eager to take in the majesty of the surroundings. The whole area is drenched in art. 


Covent Garden


Our London Tour couldn’t end without a nice glass of wine in one of the most fascinating places on earth. Covent Garden introduces itself cheerily yet gently: flowers bedeck the markets and people look happy and relaxed as they rest at the wood tables. Music permeates the whole place softly, delivering a nice soundtrack to your chat with friends. Here time seems to slow down, and the cafés offer a glimpse of Provençal landscapes. It’s a spot that quietly asks you to take a breath and enjoy your time. Definitely a place that is worth seeing. 

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Images and words by Allesandra D’Atanasio