CNC’s BA Graduate, Marietta Hickman helps launch COVID-19 initiative Masked Heroes

CNC’s BA Graduate, Marietta Hickman helps launch COVID-19 initiative Masked Heroes

Condé Nast College Alumna

Condé Nast College alumna, Marietta Hickman works on the launch of COVID-19 initiative – Masked Heroes. A campaign that encourages people to make protective masks at home for their community in order to address the shortage of masks in the UK and to help the NHS. 


Having graduated from our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication course in 2019, Marrietta currently oversees Business & Development at Premium Cosmetics, based in Stuttgart, Germany. During the Covid-19 crisis, however, Marietta has been project managing the manufacturing, logistics, and sales of the Type 1 medical masks the company manufacture in their factories and sell worldwide.


The shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has been well documented in the press, with many key workers having to go without protection such as masks, in order to keep them safe and well during the Coronavirus crisis.


Masked Heroes.uk is a nationwide community-led initiative, to encourage people to make face masks using USA’s CDC (Centre for Disease Control) approved instructions, and most importantly, to connect people who make masks with individuals and organisations in their community who need them.  Those who want to donate home-made or medical masks can connect to individuals or organisations who need them can do so using the Masked Heroes map

masked heroes

Should you wear a mask?


There is sufficient evidence to encourage the wearing of masks – especially for key workers and those who cannot simply isolate. The Masked Heroes initiative aims to:

  • Encourage everyone to wear face masks to help reduce the spread of the virus. 
  • Get the country sewing! Encourage people to make face masks to address the shortage of supply for themselves and others in their community who need them, using easy to use instructions from the centre for disease control
  • Connect heroes making masks to those in the community who need them using the Masked Heroes Map
  • Encourage people to donate surgical and other medical-grade masks that they have at home to care homes and carers in their community for example who desperately need them.

“Masked Heroes was launched because we have a mask supply crisis and something needs to be done. I have seen first-hand through work, the need for face masks across the globe, and so I ask all of you who can to please make a mask. The more masks we can make and donate, the more of us will have masks to wear and medical masks spare to give to the NHS and other carers,” says Marietta Hickman. 

Masked Heroes also aims to encourage those who may have stockpiled medical masks to donate them to organisations in their community who need them most.


Why should we ALL wear a mask when we are out and about?


  • The virus can be spread by people who are asymptomatic (won’t develop any symptoms), those who are pre-symptomatic (about to develop noticeable symptoms)  
  • The UK government has so far only advised people with symptoms to wear a mask. However, if you are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic, you won’t know that you have COVID-19, yet you will be contagious.
  • There may be more people who are asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spreading the virus than people who are displaying symptoms.
  • Wearing a face mask can reduce the spread of the virus and the viral load passed between people
  • The virus can be spread by people when they speak, cough, and sneeze.  Hayfever season is upon us!
  • The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has said that wearing home-made masks  in conjunction with other measures including social distancing and frequent hand washing can reduce the spread of the virus


How to be a Masked Hero?


You can get involved straight away by visiting www.Maskedheroes.uk, and do your part to help curb the spread of this devastating virus.