Ana Garcia-Siñeriz

Ana Garcia Siñeriz, Director of Condé Nast Colleges Spain and Lonodn
Journalist and writer Ana García-Siñeriz is the Director of Condé Nast College in London and Madrid.
With a glittering career in media, Ana has worked for Canal +, Cuatro, CNN, Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire and leading Spanish diary, El Pais for more than 25 years covering culture, fashion and cinema as a TV personality.  In 2017, she helped to launch Condé Nast College Spain which is now a reference for higher education in fashion, beauty and lifestyle for Spain and Latin-American countries.
A literary inspiration, Ana is also the author of a successful middle grade girl’s series with more than 40 books published in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, and Latin America that has introduced the pleasures of reading to an entire generation of young readers.