What’s it Like Studying on a Condé Nast College Online Course?

Condé Nast College online course

Ever wondered what it’s like to study on a Condé Nast College online course? We catch up with Washington D.C. based Natalia Kapani about studying the Fashion & Image online course over the past six weeks.


Why did You Choose the Fashion & Image Online Course? 

I wanted to learn a bit more about opportunities in the fashion industry after graduate school. I wanted insight into the history of fashion photography and the role of a publication in reflecting the fashion world.


How did You Find Studying Online with CNC? 

The online course allowed me to work at my own pace. All the speakers were great at guiding discussion and helping us through the course. The course leaders adapted the curriculum and presentations well to the online format, so I did not feel like I was missing out by taking the course online.

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What were the Industry Lectures Like? Who did You Hear From? 

The industry lectures were informative and engaging. I appreciated hearing about the different paths each speaker took throughout his or her career. It helped me understand the industries and positions that may help me reach my ultimate goals. We were fortunate to hear from a wide variety of speakers. I particularly enjoyed hearing from Ezzie Chidi-Ofong, the Global Head of Video at Condé Nast International, and Veronique Gabai, who has started her line after pioneering fragrances for the Estée Lauder Companies. We got a special treat during our closing celebration when Mark Russell, the managing editor for Vogue, spent some time with the class.


What were the Most Enjoyable Aspects of the Course? 

I enjoyed the weekly posts where we shared and discussed our coursework. I loved seeing how each student took the same prompt and found a unique perspective. Looking through my peers’ work inspired me to think more creatively. I also appreciated reading all the supportive comments exchanged on discussion posts.

Condé Nast College online course


What was the Most Valuable Thing You Learned? 

Studying the history of fashion photography and defining campaigns from the past helped me contextualise and better understand the ideas behind modern-day fashion trends. I was also able to draw inspiration from these landmark fashion moments for my coursework.

What Advice would You Give to Anyone Considering an Online Course with Condé Nast College?

I would say to take the creative projects seriously and put as much time into them as possible. The longer I spent thinking about and working on my projects, the more I took away from the coursework. With a little extra effort, I was able to develop more exciting and unique ideas, which made me a better student and a better peer.


What was the Most Fun Project? 

The final project was the most engaging. I loved scouting a location, styling my sister (my model), taking the photos, and picking out the shots that best captured the story behind the shoot.


What Kinds of Things did You Have to do on the Course?

We had lectures, industry speakers, and live discussions focused on a different topic each week. Outside of class, we had creative projects, typically mood boards, photos, or written assignments.


Did You Meet the Other People on the Course? 

Yes! We all exchanged Instagram handles early in the course. It has been so lovely to see my classmates’ photos even after the class ended.


Condé Nast College online course

How Much Time did You Have to Devote to the Course? 

Since I was finishing college online in June and was on break for all of July, I had plenty of time to devote to the course. Overall I spent around 10–15 hours a week on the course, but it varied depending on each week’s coursework.


Did it Fit in with Your Lifestyle? 

Since I live in the United States, some of the lectures and industry speakers happened while I was asleep. I tried to make as many live events as possible, but all of the lectures and speakers were recorded, so I could watch them on my own time, which made the coursework far more flexible with my schedule.


Would You Study Another Condé Nast College Online Course?

I loved the course and would certainly take another, hopefully in person one day!


What’s Next for You? 

I am starting my first year of Business school in the fall at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


The next online courses start on 10th January 2022, you can secure your place now.

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