Condé Nast College launches New Course: Fashion Business Certificate

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design is delighted to announce the launch of our newest short course, the Fashion Business Certificate. 

The expansion of the Condé Nast College curriculum continues with the launch of our brand new Fashion Business Certificate. The unique course offers a 15-week long programme for students to develop their knowledge and skills in the business of fashion, delivered in collaboration with Richmond: The American International University in London.


Course Structure

The Certificate course will be award on completion of the semester and all 15 US credits. Students can select four of the following classes:

  • Foundations of the Business of Fashion – Exploring the meaning of business strategy, considering the role a customer and B2B relationships, through to market segmentation, positioning, promotion and branding.
  • History of Fashion – Considering the historical and sociological development of Western fashion and global interconnections, while exploring the influence of class, political power, ethnicity and gender on clothes.
  • Fashion Marketing and Retail – Examining the principles that govern the fashion industry from history, development, organisation, trends, merchandising, foreign and domestic markets to the distribution and promotion of retail.
  • Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods – Understanding the importance of consumer behaviour in the process of marketing fashion and luxury goods and services.
  • Ethical Fashion and Sustainability – Evaluating the ethical considerations of the fashion industry, from supply chains to the growing demand of consumers, spanning from fabric production to fast-fashion and the effect on consumerism.
  • Fashion Buying and Merchandising – Encouraging industry focus and awareness of contemporary issues from across local, national and global markets with an entrepreneurial outlook and critical lens.

Fashion Business Certificate short course


Course Highlights

The Fashion Business Certificate provides students the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops with industry specialists and guest speakers, including talks at the college campus on Greek Street. Visits to museums and galleries in London will be included in the syllabus alongside visiting Vogue House, the British Vogue headquarters and home to several Condé Nast titles including GQ and Glamour. As well as this, an all-inclusive weekend trip to Paris will take place from 24th-26th September, including visits to the capitals most iconic buildings including the French Condé Nast headquarters, the Louis Vuitton Foundation to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.


Partnership with Richmond: The American International University in London

The course is delivered across two locations in London’s creative hub, Soho and the Richmond campus in West London. Accredited by Richmond: The American International University in London, the only University to be accredited by both the US and UK government, is one of the UK’s pioneering liberal arts institutions offering a degree in both respective countries. With a strong reputation in the UK’s higher education market, the Richmond campus is set in a quiet residential area on the edge of the scenic Richmond Park and nearing the River Thames.



Who is this course for?

The Fashion Business Certificate is designed  for students enrolled in a degree level study at another university, or those holding a BA level degree, the course offers students with the opportunity to study a semester abroad in the buzzing heart of London’s Soho.


Why study at Condé Nast College?

For budding creatives looking to gain experience and further their knowledge, or whether taking their first steps into the fashion industry, our carefully curated courses provide students the opportunity to build their careers and portfolios. Merging rigorous academic support from lecturers, students are also able to gain invaluable insight from industry professionals in order to grasp the day-to-day life of working in the industry.

The Fashion Business Certificate begins on 6th September 2021. 

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