CNC Graduate Scarlett Baker talks honest career advice, writing for fashion publications and offers a unique industry insight

Scarlett Baker

From being a student at Condé Nast College to Editor of Man About Town and Editor-in-Chief at The Next Hour, Scarlett teaches us how commitment, risk taking and utilising different skills can contribute to getting your dream jobs. MA student Nisha-Paris Murria reports…


Making a decision  


Scarlett joined the CNC family in 2017 when she studied the Vogue Summer Intensive Course . She had a degree in English Literature, and all she knew was that she was interested in writing.  The course made up her mind and she decided to enrol in the college’s MA with a pathway into fashion journalism. 


Print vs digital   


As part of her final project, Scarlett focused her work around the print versus digital debate. She created her publication out of alternative materials, opposed to the standard glossy paper of fashion magazines. Taking objects such as a shoe box and latex gloves, Scarlett aimed to make her piece more satirical than a standard publication. During the graduate exhibition, the physicality of her work drew the viewer’s attention and sparked their curiosity as the uncertainty of the material challenged the popular ideals of what print magazines look like.


‘It was really lovely to see how the magazines went back into a completely different spot, the piece was unique every single time’



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College life to work life 


Scarlett worked immensely hard and graduated with First Class Honours. She praised her Course Leader Johannes, thanking him for his advice when working within the industry. Once she had graduated, she got the coveted role of staff writer at Love Magazine, which taught her many aspects of the digital side of a magazine, which she had never experienced before. 


You are not Beyoncé, you are Destiny’s Child,” Johannes Reponen’s advice is that collaboration is the only way you are going to get anywhere in the industry. 


Covid 19 and not giving up 


Once COVID-19 hit, Scarlett packed up and went to her hometown, however she still needed to pay for her flat in London. To manage this, she went freelance but was still looking for work with publications. It was only through a chance message on LinkedIn that really gave her hope, and that message was from innovative Dutch designer and couturier Iris van Herpen. She went on to write press releases for Iris’s couture shows which gave her another platform to get experience





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Not keeping to your own lane 


Scarlett said she received this advice from a colleague at GQ and has used it as her mantra. She said that this has been the reason why she has taken so many opportunities which has allowed her to grow and develop within the industry. A Swiss journalist messaged her about the opportunity of becoming the Editor in Chief of their watch magazine, The Next Hour. She was sceptical as she had never delved into the watch industry before, but since writing an article for Dazed about politics, she took this in her stride and took the offer.



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Learning to love Digital a little bit more 


After going to many fashion weeks and writing for many publications, her stance on digital has shifted. Scarlett loved the efficiency of getting posts up on a tight deadline, which differs when working for a print magazine. She has even created a video for The Next Hour, something which she never thought she’d do. 


“It’s so strange to think of an idea in my own bedroom, which can be turned into something real” 


It is rare to hear such an honest and authentic recount of a young fashion professional’s journey. Yet Scarlett was open about the struggles of launching a creative career in uncertain times, and encouraging to all in the audience whose journey so far may have been similar to her own. From graduating from Condé Nast College to becoming a well-established journalist – we have gained some honest advice that many will utilise both within our college experience and in our future working environments. 


Key Takeaways  


  • Don’t stay in your lane 
  • Get on LinkedIn immediately – you never know what may come from it 
  • Don’t give up easily – just because someone has not offered you a job, it does not mean other people won’t. 
  • Do other things which will help you to succeed in your future career. This could be writing in different ways, pitching ideas to people. 
  • Employers want to see what else you have done as well as your college work – stand out from the crowd.