CNC Graduate Jacques Burga on Fashion Photography through the Innovation of Blockchain Technology

CNC Graduate Jacques Burga on Fashion Photography through the Innovation of Blockchain Technology

Jacques Burga

Vogue fashion photographer and CNC graduate Jacques Burga, shares his insightful experiences on sourcing inspirations, being a digital entrepreneur and why taking the leap into Non-Fungible Tokens is taking on a new relevance. BA (Hons) Fashion Communication student Antonia Centioni reports …


About Jacques Burga


CNC Vogue Summer Intensive 2014 graduate, Jacques Burga was born in Lima, Peru where he launched “Lima Social Diary”, a lifestyle magazine centered on Fashion, Culture, and People. He subsequently became part of the editorial team of Vogue Hommes in Paris. Jacques graduated from the CNC Vogue Summer Intensive Course in 2014.  He then specialised and decided to pursue a career as a photographer.  



To date Jacques has shot covers for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and fashion stories for Vanity Fair, Vogue Hong Kong, VOGUE Spain, and British Vogue,  featuring Winnie Harlow, Daphne Guinness, Coco Rocha and Caroline de Maigret. 

Jacques continues to give back to his home country. During the pandemic, Jacques created a charity organisation named “Charity Fair” to aid UNICEF PERU and raised $10,000, which was donated to the institution. Additionally, he has joined Fashion Trust Arabia on their latest Charity project.



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Non-Fungible Token


Recently Jacques worked with a generative NFT artist on a shoot to raise awareness of the environmental ramifications caused by the fashion industry. This multidisciplinary shoot, published by Marie Claire Arabia, included VR and digital art elements integrated into the traditional shoot. 


This pioneering approach to fashion editorial photography came about through a collaboration between Jacques and NFT artist, set up by Jacques friend and producer who works in blockchain. Together they executed an NFT shoot. 



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The main goal of this photoshoot and NFT drop was to integrate digital art, virtual reality and blockchain technology into the fashion industry. With a philosophy that by merging technology and digital art, we can become more sustainable.


The digital asset was published in Marie Claire Arabia and on ‘OpenSea’, a specialised gallery website where NFTs are being sold.


“Artificial intelligence will keep developing itself more and more and NFT’s will become the new normal – artists fighting for their copyrights and new and upcoming talent contributing”.


NFT’s are beneficial for copywriting, which gives the artist the power to sell unique pieces of digital art. Artists are able to track the copyrights of who the artwork is sold to and the buyer can follow the copywriting.


Personal style


Jacques highlights the importance of bringing positivity and joyfulness to his work ethos. His style focuses on the person and elevating their individual character and showcasing their own light.


Spontaneity is most important for him, to capture real moments that are organic, and these photos are usually the ones chosen.


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“When I shoot someone first there will always be this magic because it’s the first time approaching somebody new. That’s something I really love, it’s a challenge, you have to capture the best on a first-time basis”.


Sources of inspiration


Jacques has always seen Peru as the colourful land of textile and prime material which translates into fashion.


“Nature has definitely been the base of everything that I have gotten inspiration from”.


When asked what Jaques has learned coming out of the pandemic, he shared that the pandemic made him realise that we all belong to each other and we only have each other regardless of origins, professions and upbringing. We are all humans and we are nothing but momentarily transiting this planet. 



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“I now feel more connected with people in general which makes me feel better and positive. And hoping others feel the same and start sharing moments between each other”.


Key takeaways


  • Do not change your essence.
  • Fearing the unknown – “I would say to go for it”.
  • Form relationships and gain as much experience as possible.

By Antonia Centioni, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication


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