CNC alumni collaborate to combat the darker side of fashion

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To combat the darker side of the fashion industry, Condé Nast College alumni Dilayla Kopuz and Fernanda Dovali, host a collaboration by using their platforms to address the ongoing threat of our environmental impact. 


At Condé Nast College, the pathways our alumni decide to take following graduation and course completion are often manifold throughout the creative industries. For Dilayla Kopuz, this meant starting her own sustainable athleisure line, while Fernanda Dovali took to establishing an online platform to stimulate and support the next generation. While diverse in their ventures, both alumni decided to put their heads together to discuss a prevalent issue at the forefront of industry conversation: the future of sustainability and the darker side of fashion.



Launching [IM] Perfectionists

Under the innovation of Dilayla and Olina Asbæk Schytte, the pair set to launch their own business in hope to contribute to a brighter and more efficient future for the industry. Launched in March this year, [IM]Perfectionists is a sustainable hemp-based clothing brand made from 100% natural and organic fibres. The brainchild of the undergraduate degrees, the pioneering company aims to produce ethically sound clothes, from production, to execution.

[IM]perfectionists both refers to imperfections that we have on ourselves, but the square brackets also enable people to read it in the way they want to. Such as “I am perfection” or “I am perfect.” Sustainability: at [IM]perfectionists we make sure that our production & items have minimum harm on environment. As a designer I don’t use any synthetic fibres due to their contribution to microfibres and by doing this I am aiming to support UN’s sustainable development goals no 14: Life under water,” states Dilayla. 



In conversation with Glitch Magazine


To kickstart the conversation, Dilayla joined fellow alumni Fernanda Dovali of Glitch Magazine, a creative community showcasing next generation talent leading in design, innovation, technology and sustainability. Marketing itself a niche hybrid magazine for both print and digital enthusiasts alike, Glitch aims to expose and spotlight upcoming talent.

As a visually-driven magazine, we are establishing a hybrid model which brings the unique, personal and collectable experience of print while enhancing it with innovative technology, to bring the experience of creative content to a whole new level. By introducing AR technology into print media, we’ll create sensory-stimulating content to showcase our talent and brands, maximising community and business-to-consumer engagement.

Using the platform to discuss the problematic infrastructure of the industry and its waste output, Dilayla joined took to the website to share her thoughts. “Only a few designers know the people who bring their visions to life – if the designer do not realise the humanity behind the clothes, how can we expect consumers to do so?,” shares the [IM]Perfectonists founder.

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Maintaining the collaborative spirit of Condé Nast College


Alongside the interview, Dilayla showcased the debut of her graphic work with 3D digital designs for the online platform. “Fashion is influential, so why don’t we use this influence on creating more authentic & sustainable future for next generations?” she notes. “The 3D designer I have chosen to collaborate with is Emily Switzer whose work have been published before on Vogue Italia & Forbes. She has also been awarded by Digital Innovation Fashion Awards.” The union between College alumni, and the support extended amongst graduates is a continuation of the tight-knit community spirit the College prides itself on. From small conversations in seminars, to the fruition of independent businesses, the stimulating network that manifests between alumni continues to grow and develop beyond the College walls and into later life for the CNC alumni. Looking to alter the footprint of the industry’s future, this multifaceted collaboration is a sentiment to that.