Browsing in Brooklyn

Browsing in Brooklyn

Vibrant, noisy, and artistic are just some of the words one could use to describe Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A recent visit to New York with the Condé Nast College, provided the opportunity to explore this amazing area.

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The shopping experience in Brooklyn is quite different compared to that of Manhattan’s Soho or Madison Avenue. People in Williamsburg are also different from those in Manhattan – much more alternative, their unique style suggestive of Bohemia and endless artistry reflects the area itself.

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If you like shopping in East London, Williamsburg is definitely the place for you. It has plentiful little boutiques with special, vintage characters … so take your time to explore. You will be rewarded with unique and impressive pieces, unusual jewellery, amazing old style leather handbags, shoes, clothes and top quality second-hand goods for all budgets! Many artists and designers sell their products in the street, making a walk in this area incredibly interesting, inspiring and interactive. The experience of meeting and talking, face-to-face, with the designers and the creators of whatever catches your attention is fascinating. The photos taken while discovering this fabulous area speak for themselves… we can’t wait to go back!

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