Brogue Rogues

Brogue Rogues

I like my shoes high. Towering actually. In fact I may as well have been born with stilts glued to the soles of my feet. Of course unless you spend your days sprawled on a chez longue, or you’ve managed to train your feet to naturally curve at a 90 degree angle a la Victoria Beckham, stilettos are less than practical day-to-day. I am forever on the hunt for footwear that makes me feel as good as a pair of platforms do, that also allow me to hop on and off the tube without toppling to a premature death.

Enter the brogue.

Smart, timeless and armed with just the right amount of boyish charm, this is the shoe that can rescue your feet on days when they just need a good ol’ rest. Few outfits don’t welcome a good brogue. Sure, they compliment the obvious: pin stripe trousers and a patent pair are a dream (although do refrain from adding unnecessary accessories – fedoras, canes and the like – to avoid a bad Bugsy Malone impression). They also toughen up a tea dress and smarten denim like nothing else quite can.

Here are some of my current favourite styles:

1. Python effect by Simone Rocha, £670 from
For the woman who knows fashion and isn’t afraid to let the world know via her feet. Not cheap, but think cost per wear, people.

2. Glossed-leather by Church’s, £280 from
Perhaps the mother of all flashy flats, classic Church’s will look just as good beaten up in ten years time.

3. Burgandy lace ups by Office, £58 from
Resemble a good merlot and could easily have belonged to your Grandfather back in the day. For true brogue rogues.

4. Patent black with silver toe cap by asos, £35 from
On my Christmas wish list. With thick black tights and a pleated mini skirt or jeans and a pea coat, these will jazz up any winter look.

5. Leather and contrast panelling by Alexander Wang, £653 from
An updated nod to 1920s gangsters, these Wang kicks will sharpen up your look for a fat wad of cash. Bonus points for the designer who has somehow created something incredibly chic, using a combination of white leather and burgundy snakeskin.