Founder of MØY ATELIER Betty Bachz joins us for a Virtual Industry Talk

Betty Bachz by Fenton Bailey

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design was delighted to host entrepreneur Betty Bachz as our Industry Speaker this week in our virtual lecture theatre via Zoom. 

Chinese-Norwegian entrepreneur and eyewear obsessive Betty Bachz is a unique force in the fashion industry, whose talent has been recognised and featured across titles such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. 

Betty graduated from two of Europe’s top business schools with a double Master’s degree in International Business Management and in Economics and went on to launch MØY ATELIER

Her unique and stylish eyewear and sunglasses are worn by fashion insiders and is popular with celebrities such as Kate Moss, Pixie Lott and Rita Ora.  




Before the genesis of MØY ATELIER, Betty Bachz knew that the fashion industry was facing a lot of criticism over sustainable practices. During her industry talk, Betty noted her own hesitation toward creating a fashion brand, since the industry is so crowded and wasteful. Betty knew that before she realized her business she’d have to iron out what exactly she was bringing to the table. This was achieved by evaluating the values she could instill into the brand – individuality and sustainability – and where it sat in its specific market: eyewear. 


Betty saw a gap in this market, as many sunglasses manufacturers were producing homogenized designs that looked the same. Betty’s aim was to produce unique and distinctive designs that could reflect a part of the wearer’s individual style and unique taste. 


The MØY ATELIER clientele has been mapped out to a tee by the intuitive entrepreneur through a detailed audience profile – a reminder of the psychology and habits of the MØY ATELIER which was constantly referred to as the brand grew. Playing to this as a strength, this consumer information has also functioned as a unique selling point for her brand as she sought investment.


Key takeaways from Betty Bachz’s industry talk 


  • Know and communicate your brand values
  • Be able to visualise who your customer is
  • Get creative! There’s a lot you can do with just a smart phone to hand! 


By Megan McClelland, MA Fashion Media Practice: Journalism Pathway

Image by Fenton Bailey

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