Beauty’s Shifting Goal Posts as Wellness Takes The Lead

Beauty Wellness

How is our purchasing behaviour changing? MA Fashion Communication student, Heather Texter explores the idea of wellness developing a stronger conscience in the minds of consumers when purchasing beauty products. 


Beauty & Wellness – Changing Consumer Behaviour


The effects of COVID-19 have drawn up numerous articles reporting the daily cycle of events. It can leave people feeling overwhelmed by the constant changes taking place. At the same time, the ever-changing nature of our new lives has produced compelling micro-trends in consumer behaviour. Which is why I am now joining the list of writers giving you another article on the pandemic. But, the topic of discussion is positive as a growing micro-trend is shaping to produce a crossover of health blending into the beauty industry. All viewed from a new lens as people focus on improving the mind and body. 


The lifestyle and wellness company Goop has found an increase in the number of readers to their content centered around mental wellness in recent months. Their recent article titled “8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety” saw a 734%+ jump in page views. Proof that wellness is leading the way in the consumer consciousness when it comes to beauty purchasing decisions. 


Beauty Wellness


Clean beauty buys will be the trending products to watch out for over the coming months and likely years as VP and beauty advisor at NPD, Larissa Jensen says, “I believe that the circumstances today have only accelerated that conversation and amplified the importance of it.” The majority of this newfound interest in clean and wellness beauty products have been most noticeable on social media. The beloved Drunk Elephant skincare brand gained over 62,000 new Instagram followers this past month. Other popular clean beauty brands saw similar numbers on their social pages. 


This new wellness trend continues to create a shift in shopping habits as consumers alter the way they are buying and choosing to spend less on the ‘just nice to have products.’ A more conscious consumer is rising, as the beauty industry – which often saw purchases made in-store, is scrambling to alter its digital strategy and rethink their supply chains to fit the recent product purchases. The umbrella term of “Beauty” is now having to be smarter and move more in the direction of products providing further health benefits, reducing stress or anxiety, and to help recenter the mind. 


State of Mind Products


One such brand that specializes in this growing category is The Nue Co. The founder, Jules Miller, spoke with Dazed Digital, explaining how stress affects our bodies. Going on to state that, “At a base level, it consistently raises cortisol levels, causing inflammation in the body.” The brand offers products for stress, energy levels, gut health, and more. Similarly, Sara Panton, the co-founder of Vitruvi, an essential oil brand produces products designed to elevate simple moments of your day. Again, turning to the wellness of the body, the company centers on the sense of smell to reflect your mood, as different aromas can brighten or relax your state of mind.


Future Sights


The idea of wellness is making its way through nearly all sectors as consumers gravitate toward new outlooks, and brands produce innovative strategies meeting the demand. Beth McGroarty, the Director of Research and Public Relations at the Global Wellness Institute states to Forbes, “Post-pandemic behaviors will change because people will have adopted new ways to survive, even thrive. It will be a radical check on our blatant consumerism. People have been forced to stop it, and they realize that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make them happier.” Only time will tell but I think we can expect an increase in new and clean products that are more conscious of the environment but also our internal wellbeing.


By Heather Texter

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