Alison Bringé on the power of technology in luxury fashion

Alison Bringé luxury fashion

This week, the Condé Nast College welcomed Chief Marketing Officer of leading marketing platform in fashion, Launchmetrics, Alison Bringé on the power of technology and the future of luxury fashion.

About Alison Bringé

As Chief Marketing officer Alison leads the partnerships team, which collaborate with top brands and PR’s worldwide, to support the growth of the international fashion community, through the use of big date. Alison’s work at Launchmetrics, the leading digital solutions provider for the fashion industry which works with 85% if all fashion weeks globally and have the likes of Gucci and Dior as clientele, has led her to be included in the Luxury Daily’s, Luxury Woman to Watchlist for 2019.

The nascent stages of Alison’s career saw her start as PR Manager for IMG Fashion, before taking on the role as Public Relations Manager at luxury e-commerce retailer NET-A-PORTER, then returning back to IMG Fashion as Director of Global Marketing & Communications, where she workers on major fashion weeks globally. Most notably she was responsible for the digitalisation of New York Fashion Week, introducing the technology that would later become the benchmark for fashion shows worldwide.



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Broadening your career prospects

When appointed Global Director of Brand Development at Fashion GPS, which was later rebranded as Launchmetrics following a 2016 merger with French marketing company Auger she became Senior Vice President of Strategic Development before taking on her most recent appointment as Chief Marketing Officer. Alongside which Alison holds the position of adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design, The New School and 24HORE Business School.

The key to success is not “just have one root or one plan, be open to everything”


Talking to students both on course at the college, sister school in Madrid and the international basis of students currently on the online short courses. Alison explained the importance of having an open mind to career prospects after graduation. “When you are in school you hear about these cookie cutter jobs that exist, I never thought about working B2B, or how exciting or interesting it could be. Funny enough I have created this whole career around for companies that do Marketing and PR.”



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Creating a unique brand image


When speaking about the work of Launchmetrics, Alison spoke on the importance of cutting through the noise to create a unique brand image, which will in turn increase brand equity in the eye of the consumer. This is achieved through the amplification of brand content, to target a qualified niche audience. An insight gained through using algorithms to understand where best to apply company resources.  Data which is carefully being dissected through the training of AI, to understand algorithms better. Despite the talk of big data and the increasingly prominent role of AI. There is still place for print and the insight gained from hard copy.


Key takeaways

  • Take time to curate a detailed an up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  • Follow what is going on in the news
  • Send emails, without an agenda, just to make contact
  • Don’t expect everyone person you meet to give you a job but try and connect with them.
  • Top Tip for breaking into the fashion industry “have your own personal PR session.”

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