A Student Guide to Starting at Condé Nast College 

A now seasoned Condé Nast College student, BA Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student, as she heads into her second year, Ellie Gallacher runs us through the do’s and don’ts for new students starting at Condé Nast College.


Starting somewhere new can be quite overwhelming but fear not because we’ve got you covered. Here is Condé Nast College’s student guide to prepare you for those first few days as a new fashion student in London.

CNC Entrance Bedford Sq


Get Your Schedule Straight

First piece of advice, check the deets. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a lecture at the wrong place or time, so double-check the information you’ve been given. It’s also never been easier to access your timetable with TimeEdit, the college’s chosen platform for scheduling. If you want to confirm anything else, reach out to the college beforehand. I promise the staff are super friendly and always happy to help.

Condé Nast College students

Making Friends

The next big thing is regarding finding your people. Making friends is never quite as easy as it seems, so if there is a possibility to arrange a little meet-up with peers before the first day, that will definitely help ease any nerves.

Condé Nast College students Denim shopping for a shoot

There is normally a Facebook group that has been created by other fellow newbies joining the college. Maybe a cute brunch or walk around Hampstead Heath could be on the cards? (You never know, you may even spy a certain British pop star near the swimming ponds…) Approachability is always key when making new friends, so keep smiling!

Condé Nast College Student


Be Prepared to Work Hard

Now, the reason you joined Condé Nast… to work. HARD! In the lead-up to the first few days, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. This is usually sent out in the information packs – give those a read so you can be prepared. P.S. Keep your laptop charged – you will need it. Every session.

Condé Nast College Students on the Met Steps in New York
Condé Nast College Students on the Met Steps in New York

Induction Week

The days within Induction week are always different, but you can guarantee a good time. Meeting all the staff, making friends and exploring the campus is always fun. Alongside this, you will also have taster sessions for what’s to come throughout your journey with the college. However, the most exciting part about the day is often the Vogue Education Presents talk. From alumni panels to industry experts, you can revel in an abundance of knowledge and advice from those who know best.

Hang Out & Lunch Spots

As for the go-to spots for lunch around Bedford Square, there are an array of choices. From the bustling streets of Soho (which is right around the corner!) to the bohemian dining spots on Goodge Street. There is EVERYTHING and anything you could want.


If you want fresh juice and a spicy tuna sandwich, Joe’s got you covered. Perhaps a good slice of pizza is what you’re craving, get over to ICCO. Or if you just want coffee, Gail’s is only a few doors down. The final spot – which is both convenient and cost-effective – is Sainsbury’s. And yes, I know you just gasped with shock, but don’t lie to yourself – who doesn’t love a good meal deal. 

What to Wear to Condé Nast College

Finally, before you spend days stressing over what to wear during the first few days. Here is a final word of advice – don’t sweat it. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Whether you’re feeling the latest co-ord from Zara or can’t decide between those dreamy Levi Jeans or COS flared knit trousers. Trying to find that “perfect outfit” can drive you mad, but I promise it’s not everything. You may be joining a fashion college, but it is also a place for you to learn and grow, so whatever you decide to wear – and I’m sure it’ll be cool as hell anyway – here’s your reminder to stay true and just be you.

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By Ellie Gallacher

My first year as a BA (Hons) Fashion Communication Undergraduate at Conde Nast College

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