9 Questions with Miss Vogue Editor Naomi Pike

9 Questions with Miss Vogue Editor Naomi Pike

9 Questions with Miss Vogue Editor Naomi Pike

Editor of Miss Vogue and Social Media Manager of Vogue.co.uk, Naomi Pike, boasts a successful career at Vogue, having interviewed a number of esteemed industry professionals and celebrities. Naomi studied Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion and began her career interning at a number of magazines, such as Dazed, Garage, assisting with stylists and then as an intern at Miss Vogue.

Naomi gives me an insight into her world at Vogue. Having interned there for a month I started to learn the ropes, but find out from Naomi what she wore to her interview, the best thing about working at Vogue and what the future holds for print magazines.

When was your first experience of Vogue magazine?

I don’t really remember when Vogue first slipped into my zeitgeist. I bought myself a copy at 12 and was a subscriber by the time I turned 13. I still am today!

What’s the best thing about working at Vogue?

Apologies for the textbook answer but it is the people. From my colleagues to the names I get to interview, to learning from people who I once totally idolised. When I look back at this time, it’ll be the people I find around me that will have shaped it most.

What did you wear to your Vogue interview?

A red polka-dot silk dress with sheer panels from Topshop Boutique and pearl earrings.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Always wear the earrings. Work hard. Smile more in photographs. Have more confidence.

Three staple (fashion) items that you can’t live without?

Sparkly earrings no matter the time of day, a great pair of platforms and a great – usually faux-fur – coat.

Who is the most exciting person you’ve interviewed? Is there someone you’d like to interview that you haven’t yet?

Interviewing Victoria Beckham was probably the most exciting and nerve wracking. A few months earlier I’d written my dissertation on the changing representation of her in British Vogue, and then was writing about her for it. The list of people I’d love to interview is probably as long as Karlie Kloss’ leg. Miuccia Prada ranks high, as does Nigella Lawson.

Is there a particular moment in your career that you are most proud of?

I think the moment I got the job. I’d interned at lots of places for a really long time so was so desperate to get a permanent position somewhere. The fact that it was Vogue was obviously a total cherry on the top.

If you weren’t working at Vogue, where would you be?

Well, this is sort of my back up career… I’d have probably been trying to get a Broadway leading role if I’d have been able to nail a top A a little neater.

What do you think the future holds for print magazines?

Search the #NEWVOGUE hashtag on Instagram. People still really care about the tangible product that a print magazine can offer. Publications need to offer a more 360 brand solution now.