The College Challenge

Please note: this is for specific applicants only and must be submitted after completing the online application form.

Please only complete and submit this assignment when you have received an automated email instructing you to do so. (This is for Vogue Fashion Certificate applicants only. In some cases, this can be submitted by BA (Hons) Fashion Communications applicants in place of a portfolio submission.)

Courses at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design have a strong vocational basis and are designed to foster both your academic and professional interests. To that end, your challenge is to critically evaluate one of the following: 

EITHER a particular collection or garment that you feel defines either the designer or the era in which it was designed. ( For clarity, give 2 obvious examples, illustrated by images, e.g. Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian shift dress from 1965, which is often used to represent the era, or Marc Jacobs’ infamous Grunge collection for Perry Ellis in 1992 )

OR an advertising campaign for a major fashion brand. Consider how the image reflects the brand, its values and the target audience through the theme, setting, models, styling and photography/choice of photographer.
(Illustrate with well-known/high profile campaigns from the past few years from designers/brands with a very pronounced visual style in their ads, such as Dolce & Gabbana by Steven Klein or Vivienne Westwood’s campaigns by Juergen Teller )

We welcome you to complete the assignment either in writing or as a short video.

If you choose to respond to the above prompt in writing, the assignment should be approximately 600 words in length and include clear images that effectively highlight key points. Research your chosen topic thoroughly and provide a bibliography of your sources. Give careful consideration to the layout and presentation of the document, as your response to the College Challenge should demonstrate your visual and written communication skills.

Share Your Story in Video 

Some of you may wish to answer your chosen topic through video. We are always amazed by the creativity of our potential students and we want to see yours! Your video may be as simple or as elaborate as you desire but it must adhere to the guidelines of the chosen prompt and must feature you speaking to the camera for at least two minutes. To emphasise, it is you and the content we are interested in-not the Hollywood production! You could film it using your phone, or for a more sophisticated movie, you could use QuickTime Player, Photo Booth, iMovie, or even Final Cut Pro. Your final video should last between two and five minutes, including any intros or closing credits. When it is finished, please send the video as an email attachment to If the file is too large, please send the file through via WeTransfer using the same email address. 

The College Challenge is due approximately three weeks after it has been assigned - but please consult the email sent to you from the Admissions team in regard to the specific deadline. 

Once you have completed the Challenge, please submit this electronically to

Feel free to contact the Admissions team if you have any questions.