Portfolio Guidelines

Applicants for the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication are required to submit a portfolio as part of their application. A digital portfolio is preferred in all instances, and you will be asked to submit your portfolio via email to: admissions@condenastcollege.ac.uk 

Please do not send in your portfolio unless you have been instructed to do so. 

Please ensure that you send your portfolio as one file. If it is too large to send via email, you are welcome to send it via WeTransfer.  

You will also be asked to bring your portfolio with you on the day. If you are attending the interview in person you can provide a link on the day – there will be a computer and viewing screen available. Alternatively, you can use a USB stick containing digital copies of your work, or you can bring a laptop. If providing work on a USB please ensure that files are compatible with Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative suite.

If you have a traditional Art & Design or Textiles portfolio, please consider the contents carefully and select examples of your work that are most relevant to this particular course.  Paper-based work should be scanned and textiles work photographed. 

If you have a well-maintained blog, this is considered a suitable portfolio. 

During your interview, your portfolio will act as a point of discussion to allow you to demonstrate the following:

  • An understanding of, but most importantly a genuine interest in, the fashion industry and fashion brands
  • The ability to communicate visually
 and the level of your digital visualisation skills

  • Your use of quality research with breadth and depth
  • Your personal tastes and interests

We are also interested in your ability to communicate in writing and would like to see suitable examples of written work.  

The most appropriate types of work to include are those with a close relationship to the course content, such as styling and photography, graphic design and branding, journalism, marketing campaigns, websites etc.  Fine Art and Textiles examples are also relevant, but please follow the guidelines above regarding editing these and providing them digitally.

Above all, the interview is for you to show that you can communicate your ideas and thoughts about fashion in three ways – visually, verbally and in writing. The college is looking for students that will actively contribute to the course and take an original approach to their work.

You will be informed of the status of your application shortly after your interview.