Vogue Summer Intensive Programme Structure

The broad structure of the course is as follows:

Week 1: College Induction and Introduction to key topics

As well as weekly themes, there are regular sessions on the topics below, all of which are introduced during the first week:

  • The evolution of fashion in the 20th Century
  • Professional development planning for fashion industry careers
  • Visual communication and digital design skills 

Week 2: Creative Practice: Fashion & Styling

  • Trend analysis
  • Celebrity styling
  • The influence of street style
  • Still life styling
  • Creating mood boards

Week 3: The Role of the Media in Fashion

  • Fashion journalism
  • The Editor and the Publisher/CIO
  • Understanding audiences
  • Magazine branding and creating covers 
  • PR and the media

Week 4: The Future of Fashion

  • Fashion marketing and consumer influences
  • Ethical issues in fashion
  • Fashion 2050
  • Creating your portfolio

London provides the backdrop to this intensive study programme, with visits to galleries and exhibitions, as well a trip to Vogue House contributing to an exceptional experience.

The course is an intensive study programme with a packed roster of classes and activities Monday through Friday, from approximately 10am to 5pm. One day each week is reserved for self-study, research and project work, group assignment activities and project support.

Lectures and workshops delivered by our academics will be supplemented by talks and master-classes with leading fashion and media industry professionals, including Condé Nast staff.