Programme structure

Vogue Foundation Programme: Fashion & Creative Industries 

This pre-university course is suitable for UK, EU and International students interested in studying fashion related subjects at degree level at a later stage. It provides an introduction to fashion and the wider creative industries as a foundation for further study, rather than being designed to facilitate career progression on completion. The programme bridges school and University with an emphasis on developing visual communication and academic skills - an overview of unit aims is provided below. Across the course, students will create a substantial portfolio of work with a strong emphasis on design for media.*


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Design & Visual Culture

The Creative Industries

Fashion Media & Communication

Multi-Media Practice 

Independent Fashion Portfolio 


Design & Visual Culture (20 credits)

  • Examine how messages are communicated visually
  • Introduce key art movements and their influence on visual culture
  • Consider the wider impact of design and visual culture on society
  • Understand the importance of research and how this informs the design process
  • Using Vogue archives as inspiration, design an artefact of own choosing
  • Evaluate and reflect on learning and relate this to own design process

The Creative Industries (20 credits)

  • Examine the development of the creative industries 
  • Define creativity and consider its relevance in industry
  • Apply creative thinking skills and techniques
  • Explore a range of disciplines within the creative industries
  • Create and present a project concept for a specific creative discipline

Fashion Media & Communication (20 credits) 

  • Consider the heritage of the Vogue brand and the evolution of fashion media
  • Examine creative content from Vogue archives to inform visual communication ideas and best practice
  • Explore key media and fashion communication channels and their influence on audiences
  • Critique media representation and its positive and negative influence on individuals, groups and consumer behaviour in the fashion sector 
  • Successfully present fashion communication messages for a range of channels 

Multi-Media Practice (20 credits) 

  • Allow familiarisation with appropriate design and media tools/equipment
  • Provide a basic introduction to key software commonly used in the creative industries
  • Support the development of practical design and multi-media skills in line with project work on other units and portfolio development 
  • Experiment with a range of illustration and visual communication skills, mixing digital with physical media
  • Provide opportunities for working collaboratively in creative teams

Fashion Portfolio (40 credits) 

  • Facilitate the development of an individual portfolio of work and final independent project
  • Showcase creative practice and application throughout the Foundation course 
  • Develop skills in a chosen area through the completion of an independent project
  • Support PDP and progression, including supporting the application process for further study in higher education (or alternative options)
  • Introduce study skills suitable for independent study in higher education


This is a pre-university course suitable for UK, EU and International students interested in studying fashion related subjects at degree level at a later stage. Students attend college three days each week, with an additional two days needed for project work and directed and independent study. In relation to the UK RQF, the course is 120 credits at level 3. Students aiming for enrolment on a specific degree programme should check with the individual institution regarding their entry requirements. 


*Our foundation programme does not cover the creation of garments and textiles - the focus is on fashion communication.