Vogue Fashion Diploma About the Course

The Vogue Fashion Diploma is a highly intensive programme that provides a broad and practical introduction to the fashion industry with a focus on fashion communication.  It is suitable for graduates looking for a more vocational focus, for non-graduates keen to explore opportunities in the fashion industry or fashion education, and/or as a stand-alone alternative to a traditional degree-based route into the industry. This is a 120-credit UKQCF level 4 course that is taught alongside the first three terms of the BA degree.

Term 1 provides a foundation for further study with students developing skills in visual communication, research and analysis, and exploring the history and context of fashion. The focus of term 2 is on industry practice and how fashion is promoted and sold. The final term then allows each individual to concentrate on the area of the fashion industry they aspire to work in or study further, as well as looking in more depth at fashion branding and communication and developing skills in graphic design and image making.

During the final term students can also opt to undertake a work placement when completing an independent fashion communication project with a focus on their main area of personal interest. The two preceding terms are periods of intensive college-based study that provide an insight into fashion industry practice with a strong academic underpinning.

Course structure