Vogue Fashion Certificate About the Course

The Visual Communication unit runs throughout the course, underpinning learning in Fashion Media and Marketing with practical skills. A key aim is to provide students with a range of opportunities to increase their practical experience, such as providing an opportunity to work in a creative team to plan and style a fashion shoot in the college photography studio. From the outset, students are encouraged and supported in producing high-quality outcomes that will provide the foundation for a strong portfolio. Students will learn the basics of, or develop their existing skills in relevant software such as InDesign and Photoshop.

During the Fashion Media unit, which runs during the first half of the course, students analyse recent developments in digital media and assess how these impact on the magazine industry. The aim is also to increase understanding of the varied roles within a magazine, as well as the process of creating a new issue of a Condé Nast title. The project for this topic involves working in a team and developing a range of transferable skills, including idea generation, project management and verbal and interpersonal communication.

The Marketing Fashion unit is the focus of the second half of the course and allows students to focus on an area of personal interest within the fashion industry. The unit project is to develop a marketing strategy, which is communicated in visual, verbal and written formats. This could be a strategy for an established fashion brand or a business plan for a new start-up. Key topics include: principles of marketing, PR, and branding.