Entry Requirements

Applicants must have an honours degree, preferably at 2:1 or above. The chosen pathway must be stated at the application stage. Entry requirements for the individual options are as follows:


  • For the Media Business pathway applicants should hold a business-related degree or a general media degree. There is no requirement for a portfolio, however applicants are asked to provide a 1000-word statement that demonstrates their understanding of the focus of the course, the relevance of their background and their reason for applying.


  • Fashion Journalism applicants must provide a portfolio of work to demonstrate strong writing skills and a clear interest in the fashion sector. An English or humanities based degree is preferred (for example: English Literature, Philosophy or Art History). We will also consider applicants with general fashion or media degrees. 

Creative Direction:

  • For the Creative pathway applicants should have a design/visual-based degree in an appropriate subject, such as Graphic Design, Fine Art or Photography. A portfolio of work to demonstrate creative skills is essential. 

We welcome applications from those that have studied topics relevant to their chosen pathway, however the programme is not suitable for those already holding degrees in the same subjects (i.e. a BA in Fashion Media, Fashion Journalism or Creative Direction). 

Those with degrees in entirely unrelated subjects (such as science or maths for example) are directed towards our Vogue Fashion Diploma or Vogue Fashion Certificate, which are introductory courses that provide a step towards a fashion based career or possible enrolment on the MA after successful completion.