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MA Fashion Media Practice

with Journalism, Creative Direction or Media Business

The MA Fashion Media Practice is a unique industry-focused programme that offers three possible pathways, all of which focus on a core area of Condé Nast expertise. The three distinct specialisms offered (Journalism, Creative Direction or Media Business) draw upon the knowledge and practice of Condé Nast Publications and the wider fashion and media industries. The programme will combine independent research with taught academic content and talks/master-classes from leading industry professionals.

The core aim of the programme is to provide opportunities for students to become effective practitioners in their chosen fields within the fashion and media industries. All pathways aim to develop key transferable skills in effective communication and ensure graduates are given the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate the following:

  • Critical awareness of current issues and developments in the fashion and media industries
  • The effective application of critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of professional responsibility, integrity and ethics
  • The ability to reflect on their own progress as a learner / professional practitioner

The programme aims to support an effective transition from study to employment, clearly connecting theoretical topics and academic study to contemporary industry practice. Students will become familiar with life-long learning approaches that will allow them to continue to advance their knowledge and understanding and develop new skills to a high level after graduation. 

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design has a strong focus on preparation for industry. The three pathways represent and will explore distinct career opportunities within fashion media, as appropriate for students with clear ability in visual, written or business communication. Each strand reflects a clear career path as a writer, creative practitioner or business leader within/for a fashion or media organisation.