About the Course

The MA Fashion Communication is a practical and industry focused programme that aims to prepare graduates for working in the fashion industry.

The programme explores pinnacle shifts in the culture of fashion and also facilitates the development of creative thinking, visual sensibilities and communication skills. Knowledge and skills acquired at the outset of the course support and underpin continued study by providing valuable context and awareness of fashion as a form of communication.

As well as facilitating understanding of how the fashion sector operates, the course also requires students to re-imagine the fashion industry, questioning what and how fashion will be experienced, used and purposed in future environments. The programme aims to engage the imagination, creativity and foresight of each student and allow the development of collaborative and transferable skills and ingenuity. Exploring some of the complex ethical issues facing the fashion industry today, a key element of the learning experience is for each student to question their own potential role in the fashion industry and reflect on what and how they can make a positive impact or contribution via their chosen specialist field.

The MA Fashion Communication allows students to explore the opportunities the fashion industry presents before specialising in one self-selected area of focus in the final term of the programme. In the final stage students are also encouraged and supported to secure a suitable work placement in order to develop their skills and knowledge in preparation for a final independent project.



The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design provides expert career advice to students and graduates, utilising our extensive industry contacts and preparing students for employment through live and industry-relevant projects. Throughout the programme students are encouraged to develop industry links and focus on employability and professional development, whilst also broadening their knowledge of specific roles and identifying future-proof career paths within the fashion industry.

In recent years, technological advancements have driven new and exciting opportunities within fashion communication and there is now a wealth of varied and exciting career options in the sector. The boundaries between the commercial selling of products and the creation of media content have broken down to create an exciting landscape for communication across all fields of fashion and the wider creative and luxury industries.

An overview of the wide range of careers available to graduates of our fashion communication focused courses at all levels can be found on our Alumni Careers page.