BA (Hons) Fashion Communication Course Fees

Costs for the complete degree course are:

2018 - 2020: £55,080 (including VAT)

2019 - 2021: £56,160 (including VAT)


Please note that this course is not currently eligible for Student Finance - this means it is not possible to access a loan from the Student Loans Company and all fees must be met with private finance. 

The College offers a limited number of means-tested bursaries for this course, which cover the full fee. These are available to lower income households only.

UK/EU students can pay the tuition fee in instalments over the two years of the course. 


Associated study costs:

  • Due to the digital design work on the programme, a MacBook is recommended. The College does have Macs available for student use, however access would be limited to College opening hours. 
  • There is an optional study trip abroad in year one that is not covered by the course fee. This takes place in spring and further information is provided at the outset of the course. 
  • UK based exhibitions and events are often scheduled as part of the course, with all entry costs covered by the College. 
  • For the final exhibition, some students choose to print the work they wish to display. Any student that does not wish to pay for printing can exhibit digitally at no additional cost. 
  • Some modules have specific set texts that are either provided or recommended for purchase, however all books used within a set curriculum are available for reference in the College library. Most modules include a carefully edited selection of reading from a range of books and journals that are provided via our VLE.