CNC student by day, fashion influencer by night, we get to know a little more about Julie Varner's personal style.

Julie Varner is a Norwegian fashion and lifestyle blogger and influencer. She is passionate about fashion, photography and social media. Her industry talents include digital and visual communication. Alongside her love for fashion, Julie has a strong interest in a health conscious lifestyle. Travelling the world is something dear to her heart and is also what provides her with the most inspiration!

Describing her style: "Feminine and clean, but always with an edgy and different twist."

Julie's favourite brands: "Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, GANNI, Line of Oslo and ZARA."

Julie's style inspiration: "This changes a lot, I get inspired by a lot of people, friends and family as well. But right now - Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Gala Gonzales and "The fashion guitar" A.K.A Charlotte Groeneveld."


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Written by Pria Kalsi

P Kalsi